The main goal of INVADE is to provide an element for young people to connect with their Creator, ultimately revealing their identity and purpose. Once a person finds their true purpose, God is given His glory as well as the world is offered hope. We connect those together that know God, that don’t know God, or just trying to find their place in the world. We ultimately share infinite love and live lives that reflect the heart of God. Over the past two years, our team has hosted 3 major events over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with the first taking place on August 9,2013 at Life in Deep Ellum.

 The Background

These events offered and created a sense of community and growth within the lives of those that attended, while still keeping things fun and exploring the arts. The main goal of INVADE is to allow people to find themselves through God without pretentions, as well as aiding in bringing the community together through non-traditional events.

There are 2 main ways we help make these connections:

  1. INVADE Events – large gatherings with fun, music artists, real life stories and messages that build community, encourage growth, and challenge people’s faith in a relaxed setting.

  2. INVADE Life – personal growth and community is further cultivated in a more personal setting with volunteer efforts.

INVADE. was founded by two sisters who share a passion for God and are catalysts for change.

Kandis Davis-Reese & Destiny Davis

Find them here:

http://Kandisdavis.com & DestinyDeYonne.com


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